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Pendant Lighting Adjustable Height

Pendant Lighting Adjustable Height


A lamp is an everyday object, and it is common to find it in every home. It is enough to press a button, and the light comes on, but it has not always been like this. As with many inventions that have changed the quality of human life, unfortunately, the inventor of the lamp is not known.

Rather, it has been the result of the ingenuity of primitive man and that, over the years and centuries, has evolved. Being, in this way, increasingly effective, simple, and accessible to all. The first lamps were built 50,000 years ago using hollowed-out stones in whose bowl a portion of grease or fatwas placed and lit to give light.

Around the year 1000, there were wick lamps, devices that gave a clearer light and made less smoke than the rudimentary light sources of the late Neolithic. With electricity, the evolution of lighting systems has been of such magnitude that today there are endless models of lamps, among which the pendant lighting adjustable height lamps stand out.


An element that defines people's taste


The pendant lamp is an eye-catcher, right in the center of the room, and thus expresses the personal taste of the hosts. Be it the vintage, Scandinavian, classic or rustic model, and the important thing is that it projects a very flexible light on the table.

A lamp suspended at a low height can be annoying because it does not allow us to look at the face of the person in front of it or because our head collides with it when we get up and sit down. It should be considered that there is a general rule that states that your pendant lamp is suspended 80 to 100 centimeters above the table. This is a good principle with a pendant lighting adjustable height lamp, as readjustment is always possible.

If you want a pendant lamp alone in the room, it should not be at head height for obvious reasons; two meters above the ground should suffice. Thanks to the practical rotary mechanism, many pendant lighting adjustable height lamps have this regulation.

With it, the incident light can be changed flexibly. Suspended high above the ceiling, they can light up the entire room. Further down, the cone of light can illuminate, for example, the table or the kitchen island as a living space.

A lamp adapted to technological changes

There are hanging lamps with a dimmer, with which the brightness can be adjusted very easily: from bright to twilight and cozy. Some touch dimmers are also equipped with a memory function. This function adjusts the last selected brightness when the lamp is turned on again.

There are pendant lighting adjustable height lamps with a dual function, and the person can safely adjust both lighting and height simultaneously.

Many pendant lights are now equipped with a practical remote control. With it, you can change the color of the light s depending on the mood, it can be chosen between colorful variants, and it can also be dimmed.

Those who prefer to use their Smartphone instead of a remote control also have a lot to choose from. Technological advancement has allowed almost everything to be controlled with this communication device. This is called the smart home, where all the functions are managed from a mobile device.

You only have to search the Elegant Lighting UK virtual store to see the wide variety of hanging lamps in the photographic catalog, including those adjustable in height.

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